Bachelor’s theses – marketing

Marketing – characteristics of the direction

The first and second degree (bachelor’s and master’s) studies are conducted in the field of marketing. The aim of education in this field is to create specialists in the field of marketing activities, especially activities from the field of market research, market communication, image creation, brand management, building relationships with potential clients and the use of modern technologies in business. First-cycle studies end with the exam and defense of the thesis. Bachelor’s theses in marketing are prepared under the supervision of the promoter, on a strictly determined topic.

Marketing classes at the majority of higher education institutions are mainly in the form of design and interactive. This means that various types of computer simulations, team work, strategic games, etc. are organized in the course of these. It is important to give students not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge necessary to take up employment in a dynamically changing marketing industry.

Marketing studies will allow you to gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of state-of-the-art marketing techniques, advertising and public relations as well as in such fields as social psychology, project management, human resources management, mass media or market research. The study program includes, among others, such subjects as marketing and organization of enterprises, negotiations, advertising organization, law, ethics and professional culture.

Work perspectives after marketing

A bachelor’s thesis in the field of marketing gives the opportunity to undertake further education (in master’s studies) or employment in a given profession. Graduates can look for a job, among others, as:

  • marketing specialists, mid-level and senior managers of the marketing department in enterprises,
  • managers / team leaders in SEM, SEO and social media agencies,
  • advisors and consultants in marketing companies,
  • employees of companies involved in market research, sales,
  • communication with the customer, brand management and building its image,
  • owners of own business activities.

Bachelor’s marketing – professional help in writing

Bachelor’s theses seem to be somewhat less complicated than master’s thesis, but their preparation can cause as much trouble as well. And this is not only about marketing, but also about many other scientific fields. A bachelor’s thesis must first of all form a coherent whole with a carefully thought-out composition containing such elements as:

  • front page,
  • table of contents / work plan,
  • abstract and key words,
  • admission,
  • division into chapters and subsections,
  • end,
  • bibliography,
  • list of graphic materials / list of legal acts,
  • attachments.

Sometimes the biggest problem for students is starting to write a job, and thus planning its general concept and preparing the introduction. It is also not easy to collect the necessary literature of the subject, and its search can be very time-consuming and tedious. Each of these activities must be done, however, so that the Bachelor’s thesis in marketing can be written at a high level.

Who is our offer addressed to?

 Our offer is addressed to all those people who do not have too much time or do not know how to write a high quality BA thesis in the field of marketing. We provide professional assistance at every stage of the preparation of the study, helping not only to prepare the general concept of work, but also to collect the necessary materials, prepare bibliography, introduction and conclusion or to plan the division into chapters and subsections.

The bachelor’s theses in the field of marketing created by us are valuable and complete studies that, apart from the theoretical chapters, also contain methodological and empirical parts. We are struggling both to prepare comprehensive works, as well as to create individual chapters, trying each time to match the offer to the individual needs of the client.

Deciding to cooperate with our company you get a guarantee:

  • efficient and direct contact with the editor, serving professional advice and help at every stage of preparing the BA thesis,
  • high-quality studies in terms of content, grammar, stylistic and spelling,
  • excellent knowledge of the subject of higher education,
  • many years of experience in the preparation of bachelor and master theses not only in the field of marketing, but also many other scientific disciplines.

Although the help in writing diploma theses currently offers many companies on the market, not all are able to meet the high expectations of students. We as professionals are able to prepare a study on any topic related to marketing, and our bachelor’s works always stand out with the highest quality. The fact that the work is author’s and has not been copied confirms the anti-plagiarism report we carry out.

Bachelor’s marketing – examples of topics

1. Marketing in a small retail store.

Master’s thesis dealing with selected issues related to marketing in a small retail store. A study consisting of three chapters: marketing in retail (definitions and functions of marketing, characteristics of marketing activities in retail), marketing decisions taken at the retail outlet, description and evaluation of marketing activities carried out on the example of a chosen store.

2. The role and importance of social advertising in contemporary communication.

Work on the role and meaning of social advertising in contemporary communication, consisting of three chapters: the function of advertising in social communication (definition of advertising, its role in the communication process, types of advertising), typology and characteristics of social advertising (definition, differences between commercial and social advertising , typology of social advertising), exemplary social campaigns carried out in UK.

3. The effectiveness of advertising as a mix promotion tool.

Master’s thesis on the effectiveness of advertising as a mix promotion tool. Examples of issues that may be addressed in the study: mix promotion concept – what is it and what are its main goals, advertising and public relations, promotion in the marketing plan, organization of promotional activities, organization of a promotional campaign, goals of the promotional campaign, stages of organization campaigns, etc.

4. The impact of advertising on the model of the modern family.

A study investigating the impact of advertising on the modern family model, consisting of four chapters: the family in society (family functions, family life forms, family in UK), the impact of mass media on the family life model (impact of advertising on the family), the modern family model based on advertising messages (female and male function, family picture) and family in advertising.

5. Advertising strategy as a mechanism to reach an external client.

Master’s thesis on advertising strategy as one of the mechanisms to reach an external client. A study consisting of three chapters in which the following issues may be raised: the subject of the advertising strategy, types and functions of advertising, the impact of advertising content on the client, stages of preparing an advertising strategy, selection of the target market, determination of the advertising budget and selection of promotional media.

6. Competition marketing strategies.

Work on marketing strategies of competition, consisting of four chapters: analysis of a company focused on long-term development (including SWOT analysis and company’s potential), selected techniques of competition analysis (competitive environment analysis), basic competition strategies (types and risks in competition strategies) and practical aspects of the application of competition strategies on the example of a successful company on the market.

7. Application of marketing in manager’s activities.

Master’s thesis on the application of marketing in manager’s activities. Examples of issues that may be addressed in the study: marketing business management, marketing management tasks and tools, manager’s place in marketing, the image of an effective manager, sales policy as a challenge for the manager, price as an area of ​​marketing decisions, analysis of the manager’s influence on any chosen enterprise.

8. Promotion of banking services as an element of banking marketing.

Work on the promotion of banking services as one of the elements of banking marketing. The study consists of four chapters: marketing in banking (concept of banking services marketing, evolution of banking marketing), banking services market (bank and market environment), promotion of banking products (sales support, public relations in the sales process) and innovative forms of promotion and communicate with a potential client.

9. The role of promotion in effective bank operations.

Master’s thesis on the role of promotion in effective bank activity, consisting of four chapters: the concept of promotion, means of promotion and their application (manipulation of product prices, activities related to promoting products, methods of increasing the attractiveness of products), programming and coordination of promotional activities and the most important elements promotion policy (advertising, personal sales, public relations).

10. Influenced marketing on selected areas of the company’s operation.

Work addressing selected issues related to the impact of marketing on selected areas of the company’s operation. Issues that may be included in the study are, for example: the concept, scope and determinants of marketing in the company, marketing activities in the company’s organizational structure, the price of the product as an area of ​​marketing decisions, marketing decisions related to the product policy.

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