Master’s theses – marketing

Marketing studies – characteristics

Marketing studies enjoy considerable interest among young people, especially as they allow to gain comprehensive knowledge of marketing activities and the most modern tools of broadly understood promotion, in particular advertising in various varieties (television, press, radio and internet). After completing first-cycle (bachelor’s) studies, you can continue your studies at Master’s level (second-cycle) studies. A defended master’s thesis in the field of marketing and a diploma obtained with good grades open the graduate’s door to a career in the advertising industry.

The study program was developed in such a way that the students could get acquainted with various areas of work in the field of marketing, from customer service to planning, strategy and analysis departments. Specialized subjects taught in this field include marketing research, consumer behavior, modern technologies in marketing, international marketing, and the basics of business. Some of the subjects, especially those from the area of ​​creation or strategy, are rather workshop-like in nature, with a view to preparing students for the use of specific tools in practice.

Qualifications acquired during marketing studies are primarily:

  • application of promotion tools (advertising, public relations, non-standard forms),
  • preparation, development and conducting marketing research,
  • analyzing data and preparing reports,
  • preparing advertisements of all types (press, radio, television, Internet),
  • conducting a creative process while working on the advertising concept,
  • planning and organizing a marketing campaign,
  • conducting the proper customer service process, initiating and maintaining positive relationships,
  • preparation of marketing plans and media planning.

A defended master’s thesis and completed second-cycle studies in the field of marketing enable job search in many different positions. Employment prospects for a graduate in marketing, advertising and new media are very wide, because such a person can apply for employment in media houses, advertising agencies, internet portals, event agencies, marketing agencies, media (press, radio, television, Internet), as well as in the areas of marketing, promotion and PR in enterprises, offices and state institutions.

Master’s thesis marketing – solid help in writing

Master’s theses, not only in the field of marketing, but also from many other scientific disciplines, are, in principle, much more complex and complex than undergraduate. This type of studies is much easier to write, having the right materials and solid preparation. But this is not only about literature from the library or knowledge in your head. Sometimes it happens that a student has quite a large amount of information and has a large number of books, and the problem lies entirely in something else.

Particularly frequent problem, which can be confirmed by many students, is the process of writing the work: how to start, what to include in the introduction, how to develop the chapters, what should be included in the summary and completion? These are just examples of dozens of questions that make it very difficult to write such an important dissertation, which is undoubtedly a master’s thesis.

Writing a thesis – the scope of help

Instead of wondering how to write master’s thesis, it is much better to get professional help. Our offer includes ready-made designs and examples of theses in the field of marketing, which are to acquire knowledge and familiarize yourself with specialist terminology, necessary to prepare a high-level study. Our team of experienced editors provides reliable assistance at every stage of writing work, willing to share their skills in the areas of:

  • selection of the subject of the work, which should be primarily interesting, but also consistent with individual interests and preferences of the student,
  • preparation of a bibliography, in other words selecting subject and subject literature (we are able to search for classic book items as well as the latest information from electronic magazines),
  • sketching the structure of work, i.e. the division into chapters, sub-chapters, introduction and ending,
  • support in terms of correctness of the dissertation in terms of content, spelling, grammar and stylistics,
  • provide guidance when constructing non-standard content.

Thanks to the cooperation with a team of experienced editors, we can offer comprehensive assistance in writing such important marketing publications as master’s theses. We approach each task entrusted to us with maximum commitment, carefully selecting the editors. Our motto is customer satisfaction and professional approach to each order. We implement marketing topics in practically every specialty.

Master’s thesis marketing – examples of topics

1. The role and importance of multimedia techniques in dynamizing promotional activities.

Master’s thesis on the role and importance of multimedia techniques in dynamizing marketing activities. Examples of issues that may be addressed at work: the place of promotion in the marketing composition, advertising as an effective form of promotion, contemporary advertising based on modern multimedia techniques, the Internet innovative advertising medium, global network and traditional forms of advertising.

2. Construction of the company’s marketing strategy.

Work on building a company’s marketing strategy, consisting of four chapters: basics of marketing (concept and role of marketing activities), enterprise marketing strategy (competitive strategies aimed at buyers, due to the company’s market share), stages of marketing strategy development, rules regarding preparation of a marketing plan.

3. Strategies of industrial marketing on the European Union market.

Master’s thesis discussing selected issues related to industrial marketing strategies on the European Union market. Examples of issues that can be presented at work are: an industrial enterprise and its surroundings, marketing on the market of industrial goods, the procedure of building a marketing strategy, distribution management, market globalization processes, development of global marketing.

4. Marketing in tourism.

Master’s thesis on selected issues related to marketing activities conducted in the tourism industry. Examples of issues that may be addressed in the study: tourism marketing – definition and objectives, the concept, scope and essence of the tourism market, segmentation of the tourism market, services as marketing products, the concept of tourism product, structure and features of tourism products.

5. Manipulation and persuasion in advertising.

Master’s thesis on manipulation and persuasion in advertising, consisting of four chapters: definition and form of advertising message (essence, concept and functions of advertising, role of mass media in advertising), verbal-symbolic persuasion in advertising (role and place of unit in advertisement ), presenting the assumptions of own research as well as presentation and analysis of own research results.

6. Marketing of the warehouse sector.

Work dealing with selected issues related to the marketing of the warehouse sector, consisting of three chapters: general characteristics of warehouse and warehouse services (what are logistics services, the essence of storage as a logistics service), marketing in the activity of logistics service providers and marketing activity on the example of any company operating in the warehouse services sector.

7. Gender stereotype in TV advertising.

Master’s thesis on gender stereotypes in TV commercials, covering three to four chapters. Examples of issues that may be addressed in the study: the issue of gender stereotypes in advertising on the example of selected theories and research results, traditional and modern woman, traditional and modern man, gender and the effectiveness of advertising message and different gender images presented in the mass media.

8. Building customer relations on the example of a production company.

Work on building relationships with clients on the example of any company operating in the production sector. Examples of issues that may be raised at work: affiliate marketing in the enterprise, creating relationships with business partners and increasing the company’s competitiveness, the stages of shaping relationships with partners, tools for establishing relationships with partners, etc.

9. The influence of social advertising on social behavior.

Master’s thesis showing the impact of social advertising on social behavior, consisting of three or four chapters. Issues that may be addressed in the study: differences between social advertising and commercial advertising, examples of social advertising implemented in UK, definition of social marketing – assumptions and goals, the impact of advertising on the formation of recipients’ attitudes, persuasive techniques used in advertising and social campaigns.

10. Art in advertising on any selected examples.

Master’s thesis on art in advertising on any selected examples, containing three or four chapters. Examples of issues that may be addressed in the study are: the beginnings of art and advertising – a historical outline, art and advertising in present times (eg over the last twenty-ten years), advertising as a form of art and contemporary communication, persuasive actions used in advertisements .

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