Writing Marketing term papers

Writing marketing works is exceptionally pleasant and allows you to spread your wings. What is going on? Well, marketing is an extremely wide field that provides a huge selection of topics and interesting topics worth presenting.

Characteristics of the direction

In the diploma thesis you can, among other things:

  • present the development of a given issue throughout history,
  • examine a selected company in terms of marketing,
  • concentrate on innovative trends that are just entering the market or will soon come to it,
  • explore customer acquisition methods,
  • explore market needs,
  • assess the market opportunities, strategy and distribution of the product / service,
  • create new trends.

The number of interesting issues, as well as the intense and extensive development of marketing make it easy to come up with a topic that no one else has written yet.

Each topic from marketing, management or advertising will provide the student with a unique opportunity to systematize and deepen their knowledge, and may even arouse new passions in it or suggest ideas for professional work. So when it comes to writing jobs, marketing is a real mine of ideas and possibilities.

Students who in this multitude of knowledge and creative ideas can not find each other and have difficulties in writing their own work or even thinking about the subject, can use the formulas for thesis that will serve as an example for writing their own work.

Marketing – writing bachelor and master theses

If writing work is not your strong point, and marketing is the direction you study – do not hesitate and order your diploma thesis with us. We offer comprehensive support in the creation of various types of dissertations – final bachelor’s theses and master’s thesis in the field of marketing. We guarantee satisfaction with the obtained substantive, stylistic and visual level – we optimize the formatting of work to the requirements of a particular university, as well as ensure the readability and transparency preserved on each page. Interesting and original content will become an absorbing reading for the promoter and reviewer who decide on the final grade you have obtained.

By registering with us, you are assigned to a chosen editor whose specialization is writing papers on marketing issues. His knowledge, experience and the ability to use the written word freely make each work become a unique scientific dissertation, taking even complicated considerations. The content contained in your BA or MA thesis will be supported by a reliable and comprehensive bibliography, and the footnotes put in an appropriate manner, in accordance with top-down requirements. The scientific study created by us will therefore be a solid dose of reliable knowledge about the real substantive foundations – presented in an interesting and free way will prove to be the key to success on the final exam.

Bachelor’s theses, as well as master’s theses on marketing issues differ in the degree of content refinement as well as the way they are presented. It should be remembered that the BA thesis in marketing can only take theoretical considerations from a chosen subject, becoming a narrower scientific dissertation. In turn, the Master’s thesis must refer to research activity in the field of marketing issues, becoming an analysis of the actions taken to reach the final conclusions.

Summing up, if you want to finish the study process successfully, presenting the final exam with a valuable and full substantive basis of work – contact us. We will help you write a thesis on every topic. We offer a high level of bachelor’s and master’s thesis in the field of marketing. Quick and effective order fulfillment, full discretion and a favorable price offer are the features that characterize us. In addition, reliability and specialist approach to each topic make us highly competitive towards similar companies. With us you get a guarantee of effectiveness, and the level of cooperation will certainly satisfy you – at every stage of creating a diploma thesis you can implement your own amendments and changes, because throughout the process of writing the work you stay in constant contact with a specific editor. He is obliged to successively present to you subsequent chapters of the ordered scientific study, thanks to which you are kept up to date on the progress of work and you can quickly react to any inaccuracies and report any changes to the promoter’s guidelines. Your satisfaction is a guarantee of our effectiveness.

Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis marketing – sample topics

1. Consumer behavior when shopping online.

Work that deals with the most important issues related to the behavior of consumers when shopping through the network. The study consists of three chapters: the characteristics of online shopping, legal aspects of online shopping (including consumer protection) and online shopping – customer satisfaction and violation of consumer rights in the light of research (methodological assumptions of own research, results, summary and conclusions).

2. The role of advertising in shaping the brand.

Work on the role of advertising in shaping the brand, consisting of three chapters: the essence, functions and types of advertising (radio, television, press, online, mobile and immovable), psychological effects of advertising (social advertising function, emotions in the advertising message, factors affecting for decisions made by the consumer) and the role of advertising in shaping any chosen brand.

3. Analysis of the online sales market.

Work related to the analysis of the Internet sales market, consisting of three chapters: basic principles of the functioning of Internet networks in the society, development of online sales and online sales policy on the example of any chosen company. Issues addressed in the study: the beginnings of the global network, access to the Internet, the history of the creation of sales portals, organization and security of purchases made via the Internet.

4. Dishonesty in advertising.

Work that deals with the most important issues related to dishonesty in advertising. The study consists of three chapters: the correlation between marketing, promotion and advertising (a general outline of the functions, tasks and objectives of marketing, the concept of advertising in the legal and marketing aspect), fraud and dishonesty in advertising – legal issues and basic relations between art. 3 a art. 16 of the Act of April 16, 1993 on Combating Unfair Competition.

5. The impact of TV advertising on consumers in UK.

A work documenting the impact of TV advertising on consumer behavior in UK, consisting of five chapters: the beginning of advertising, its definition and essence, television as the most effective advertising medium (TV commercial against other media: press, radio), psychology of TV advertising – a theoretical outline, methodology of research and the attitude of recipients to TV advertising – presentation of research results and final conclusions.

6. Advertising and a child.

Work on the impact of advertising on children, including three chapters: a children’s advertisement (heroes of children’s ads, a child as a recipient of adult advertising, intentional and unintentional results of advertising content), the most important rules related to targeting children (legal and ethical) and psychological aspects of creating advertisements for children (types of heroes in children’s ads, ways of showing children in advertisements).

7. Marketing plan – the basis for the development of a commercial and service enterprise.

Work on a marketing plan forming the basis for the development of a commercial and service company. The study consists of three chapters: the essence and role of the marketing plan in the company’s development (the concept and structure of the marketing plan), the implementation of the marketing plan in the enterprise and the development of the trade and service company (the specificity of the trade and service company, planning and implementation of development strategies).

8. Competitiveness of own brands.

Work on the competitiveness of own brands, containing four chapters: competition – theory and practice (definition, types and forms of competition), brand in the marketing strategy of the enterprise (the essence and functions of the brand, image and brand identity), private labels – characteristics (producer and shop brands , own brands typology), large-scale commercial enterprises and private labels.

9. Internet as a strong weapon of the company’s marketing activity.

Work dealing with the issue of the Internet as a strong weapon of the company’s marketing activity, consisting of four chapters: characteristics of internet networks (development of the Internet in the world and in UK, types of access to the global network), use of online instruments in e-business, use of websites in the marketing process of the company and the use of internet marketing based on the example of companies with a different business profile.

10. Assumptions of contemporary marketing strategies.

A work describing the most important assumptions of contemporary marketing strategies, consisting of three chapters: the role and tasks of marketing in the process of enterprise management, determining the position of the company on the market and the process of making strategic decisions and basic marketing strategies. Issues raised at work include: the function of marketing in the enterprise, marketing environment of the company, the concept and types of marketing strategies.

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